Your personal guide to the city and the surrounding area

Your personal guide to the city and the surrounding area

For the guests of the Iris Hotel, we offer assistance in organizing and conducting excursions around the city of Alexandrov and the immediate surroundings (monasteries of the Alexandrovsky district, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Sergiev Posad). We will help you with the selection of the route and its support, the organization of corporate parties and all-age holidays with the participation of professionals from the Alexander art company «Parnas».

Your attention is offered:

  • Tour of the Alexander Kremlin. Built by order of the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily III by the hands of Russian and Italian masters, the Alexander Kremlin. Today it is the only complex of one–time buildings of the XVI century in Russia. The walls of the suburban residence of the Moscow rulers (government dacha) now house the federal museum-reserve «Alexandrovskaya Sloboda» and the current Holy Dormition Convent. Tourists will be able to visit the Kremlin chambers of those who witnessed the magnificent royal weddings of Ivan the Terrible, and visit the current Trinity Cathedral, where the first Russian tsar was married twice. Your attention will be offered an inspection of the white-stone cellars that keep secrets about the library of Ivan the Terrible and the underground passage through which in a dashing hour the tsar could fly away from death on a troika of frisky horses. In summer, you will be able to climb to the observation deck of the church-bell tower, from which Nikita the serf made his daring flight on wooden wings. You will learn details about the death of Tsarevich Ivan's heir to the throne in the Alexandrovskaya Sloboda, which was depicted in his painting by the artist Ilya Repin. And you will get acquainted with the sad fate of Peter I's sister Marfa Alekseevna, who was imprisoned in the Alexander Monastery under the name of Margarita for her involvement in the Streltsy unrest.
  • For large and small tourists, it is possible to hold a master class in the Royal workshop on modeling a clay pot, making a stove tile or a ritual doll.
  • Alexander Art Museum. It is located in the city estate of the merchant of the 2nd guild Alexey Mikhailovich Pervushin. Tourists will be invited to get acquainted with the traditions of the pastime of provincial merchants and visit the permanent exhibition «Magic of Stone», where you can not only admire the natural and artificially grown minerals on the Alexander land, but also buy all kinds of jewelry.
  • Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaeva Literary and Art Museum. The museum is a metaphor. Among the permanent exhibitions there is an exhibition «Alexandrov – the capital of 101 kilometers».
  • Visit to the first private gallery in Alexandrov by the artist-diviner Ekaterina Melkozerova. It is possible to conduct a master class on drawing with an iron. More about the artist:
  • Monasteries of the Alexandrovsky district. The Stavropol Stefano-Mahrish Monastery (near the town of Karabanovo) and the Lukyantsevskaya deserts.
  • The city of Sergiev Posad. Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Chernihiv skete with an underground temple, toy museum.
  • The city of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Classical museums of the city, new private museums (Iron Museum, Teapot Museum, Steam Locomotive Museum, etc.), Orthodox monasteries and pagan artifacts (Blue Stone) on the shore of Lake Pleshcheyev.

Eduard Egorov is working with you on the route. A native of the city of Alexandrov. He worked on the staff of the Alexandrovskaya Sloboda Museum-Reserve. More than 15 years of experience in the tourism sector. He has a higher education (St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Journalism).

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