not specified 23 June 2020
At a time when a pandemic is raging in the country, this hotel is a real corner of peace, whatever a guest from another city would not touch: a cafe is delicious, a sauna is bliss, a laundry is welcome! Very good-natured administrators Tatiana, Elena, Olya and first of all thanks to the owner Marina Evgenievna! The week-long hard business trip was like a holiday.
nelly 13 January 2020
Good afternoon! Happy Old New Year! I want to thank the management and staff of the hotel for the excellent New Year's holidays. Everything was at the highest level. I would also like to thank you for the excellent mulled wine and very delicious ivan tea. I was pleasantly pleased with the decor of the room (211), and all the accessories (a kind female hand is immediately felt), creating a comfortable home environment. Cafes and breakfasts are great. We will definitely come to you for the flowering of irises and we will advise all our friends to stay only with you - the best hotel in Alexandrov. I wish you all good health and a great mood in the New Year.